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Overworld/Underwold - 2023 - 1 - Stainless Steel Water Bottle

Overworld/Underwold - 2023 - 1 - Stainless Steel Water Bottle

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Discover the Intriguing Dual Realms of the Armenian Underworld/Overworld: A Journey Through Myth and Legend

Dive into the enigmatic world of Armenian mythology and explore a realm where the lines between the underworld and overworld blur, creating a tapestry of tales as ancient as the Armenian Highlands themselves. This is a journey into a unique part of Armenian culture, where every whisper of the wind and rustle of leaves carries stories passed down through generations.

The Armenian Underworld, is not just a realm of shadows and spirits, but a reflection of life's complexities and challenges. Here, in the depths of these tales, lie the spirits and deities that govern the unseen aspects of existence, weaving fates and guiding souls. This mysterious world, often depicted in stark contrast to the world above, is a place of intrigue and mystery, where legends of heroes, gods, and mythical creatures abound.

Above, in the Overworld, the narrative shifts to the vibrant landscapes of the Armenian highlands, where the sky stretches endlessly, touching the peaks of Mount Ararat. This is a world of celestial beings, ancient gods, and powerful forces of nature that shaped the Armenian people's understanding of the world around them. It is here that the mythic stories of creation, valor, and the eternal struggle between good and evil take place, reflecting the indomitable spirit of the Armenian people.

Through the Armenian Underworld/Overworld, we gain a fascinating glimpse into the heart of Armenia's rich cultural heritage. It's a world that not only embodies the spiritual and mythological history of the Armenian people but also resonates with universal themes of life, death, and rebirth. These stories, filled with symbolism and deep meaning, continue to captivate and inspire, bridging the past with the present in the ongoing narrative of human experience

This 17-ounce, double-walled stainless steel water bottle is perfect for your daily outings. It will keep your drink of choice hot or cold for hours. It also features an odor- and leak-proof cap. Throw it in your car's cup holder on your way to work, take it with you on hikes, or toss it in your bag for any time you get thirsty.

• High-grade stainless steel
• 17 oz (500 ml)
• Dimensions: 10.5″ × 2.85″ (27 × 7 cm)
• Vacuum flask
• Double-wall construction
• Bowling pin shape
• Odorless and leak-proof cap
• Insulated for hot and cold liquids (keeps the liquid hot or cold for 6 h)
• Patented ORCA coating for vibrant colors
• Hand-wash only
• Blank product sourced from China

Disclaimer: Keeping water in the bottle for over 24 hours is unhygienic and can result in an unpleasant smell, so clean it. 

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